RGTamakiOK before we start my name is pronounced “Ron,” not “Ro-un” or “Roon,” just “RON.” The u is silent, alright? I’m getting tired of this shit lol.

Now we got that out of the way: Hello, good people of the Internet! My name is Roun Tamaki and I am a writer and a freelancer. I love the hustle and I’ll never get a big boy job, unless of course they’re willing to pay me a six-figure salary and offer a comprehensive benefits package that will allow me to become a cyborg in the near future.

Starting out in the indie scene of things, I’m always in need of cash to fund my projects. So here I am pimping myself on the internet, trying to be “liked” and “subscribed” (my mother suggested g4p but I told her I’d rather open my belly in a tea garden than taint my honor… then she mentioned funeral services are expensive, and that it will ruin her floor).

Anyway, I like Scorsese films, George Carlin and Dragon Ball Z. I hate whiners, fatalists and people who couldn’t decide what worthy cause to undertake because of guilt. One day I would like to own an M-2 portable flamethrower and light a cigar with it.


Overall I think I’m a nice guy—a Care Bear with a surprise.

I believe in not accepting your fate, but instead in choosing your own destiny.

That’s it 😛



  1. …then she mentioned funeral services are expensive, and that it will ruin her floor)…wonderful! And hello to you RoUn! Yes, I got the ‘U’ situation; it is delicate! Very nice to meet you here 😉

  2. Hey Thanks for the follow and the like. I love dbz it brings me back to trying to kameihameiha people during recess. Good luck on all your endeavors and perhaps we could work together in the future.

  3. What a stunning blog you have here! You are sure a talent to seek out. Thanks for following my blog and thereby letting me in on your intriguing works! I am humbled 🙂

      1. You shall have to use an unnecessary amount of ellipses and be horrible at grammar in order to make me change my mind. And judging by your prior posts- you’re incapable of doing either! 😀

  4. A Care Bear with a surprise…hahahahahaha! Well, nothing wrong with pimping on the internet, especially if you are good at it. No shame here. Love this! Thanks for following my blog and hoping you enjoy, it unfortunately has no care bears or really even vampires, though I throw humor in there like that …like a Contradiction with a surprise 😉

    1. Nice! A contradiction with a surprise is like expecting something different but it turns out the same or vice-versa (ie that’s how you ladies drive men insane) 🙂 Thanks for the follow and looking forward for more content!

      1. LOL! Well, I am somewhat of a constant contradiction, lol, so when I say surprise it is sometimes one to myself. Ha! But agreed, women can be nutty that way. YW and look forward as well.

  5. Comment: Ron, (don’t worry the U is there, I just typed it silently :-))

    Thanks for the like, the follow, and most of all for just stopping by. Will come back when I have time to sift through the sands of your blog to see what gems I can find.

    The Rural Poet

  6. Hey Roun!

    Thanks for the likes and the follow. I’ve been reading some of your posts. Great blog, I love the media behind it too. Happy to have you on my radar.

  7. Hi! Thanks for following my blog.
    I also love Scorcsese films, George Carlin, BUT NOT Dragon Ball Z. Sorry.
    Do I win a point back if I say you’d look super awesome with a flamethrower? 🙂

  8. Roun, this is a great “about” page, and thank you for calling attention to the constant irritation and inability to pronounce the first name! You made me laugh so hard, imagine my mother decided to give me a first name with fourteen letters, and do you think anyone can get that right? Thank goodness for nicknames. Sounds like your mother has a great sense of humor, not to mention practical in regard to funeral expenses! Keep doing what you love, and let me know if you are able to light your own cigar with a flamethrower safely.

    Warm wishes,

    1. When I asked my parents, they told me that they saw this movie about an Australian boy and his “Ron” was spelled with a “u.” They said the boy masterfully played the role of retarded kid so they named me after him. And now you can see why I’m special 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Nice to meet you too! I’m glad you like that, however it’s not a success formula; rather it’s a principle. Failing is part of it. The important thing however is to resist and persist 🙂

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