Hope: Silver Side Effects


There is still time.
You can be anything you want.
There is someone for everyone.


It is the cosmic lottery ticket, the deus ex machina, the human silver bullet. But what they don’t tell you is that hope has a darker element to it—its toxic compounds; its catabolic nature that eats away at your heart, mind, teeth and nails; its silver side effects.

Because the truth is, hope alone is not enough.

Without planning, acting and resisting, hope becomes passive. And passive hope is fatal hope. It becomes something that falsifies and condemns. It makes you believe that “everything will be alright,” when in reality the chances of things going wrong are imminent and probable. It makes you believe that you are blameless for your little existence, and that what you think and do bears little to no consequence in your future. It makes you accept your alotted portion in life without intensity or defiance.

And life without defiance is dangerous.

Like the infection of tetanus, the poison of passive hope has a long incubation period. And slowly but surely, as the years seep well into your bones,  your muscles will begin to lock into spasms, making it hard for you to move, talk, breathe or scream. Soon it will surge into your parasympathetic nervous system, causing you to lose kinetic passion which will lead to heart failure. Finally, in the later stages in which recovery is almost impossible, the poison will reside in your dreams, turning you into a dead-eyed individual—compliant in the outside and twisted in the inside, carrying to the grave a secret vengeance towards the world.

Now some say that, Hope is wishing something would happen and Faith is believing that something will happen.

Well let me add to that: Acting is making something happen.

Because all the good vibes and positive juju on earth will never equate to the antidote of action. Hope, faith and positive thinking are nothing more than starting points in the process of change. They won’t feed you. They won’t sustain you. What will break you through is the force of active response—execution, the only vaccination you will need.

Your faith in hope betrays your faith in yourself. Don’t run from the negative. Don’t hide from truth. Know that it is now or never from the day you were born. Know that time is ticking away your chances for success everyday of your dependency. Know that the probability that nothing may work out in your favor is as real as the air you breathe even if you took care of all your responsibilities. This is fine.

“Truth is not bad if it’s filthy; truth is bad when it is shallow.” —Friedrich Nietzsche

Because a shallow truth is just a complicated lie. Refuse the poison drip of passive resistance. Act with fear and urgency to make sure things go your way. Act with rage and intensity to obey your passions with all your love. Strike a match on the little truth that you carry and burn in your own flame.

Fuck hope.



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