FREE Book Download till Cyber Monday! Ate Too Damn Much!


In lieu of the day after eating so much your stomach swells to the point of obstructing your breathing (only to wake up early to go to the mall and shop), I’ve decided to “give back” and offer my book for FREE. No contracts, no strings attached, absolutely guilt-free!
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The Fundamentals of Failing

kumite2Edward backhanded me in the face, making me step back. I was stunned but not because of the blow; rather it was because it was illegal. Hitting in the face during sparring was not allowed because the school was afraid of parents suing them (which didn’t make sense since tournaments allowed a good bashing in the face).

I looked at the coach but he didn’t see. He was too busy looking at the other fighters who were also sparring.

“You sonofabitch!” I said, smiling in surprise and anger. I felt a twinge of self-hate for looking to the coach as though I needed help, as though I was a rat. (more…)