FREE Book Download till Cyber Monday! Ate Too Damn Much!


In lieu of the day after eating so much your stomach swells to the point of obstructing your breathing (only to wake up early to go to the mall and shop), I’ve decided to “give back” and offer my book for FREE. No contracts, no strings attached, absolutely guilt-free!
So if you haven’t gotten a copy, or you want to give someone a copy, click on the amazon link below:

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vampires

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It is the advent of a new American century, of hope and change, of humans and vampires living together. With the help of the National Organization of Altered Humankind (NOAH), pro-Integration United States is now at the cusp of immense technological progress, state of the art medical innovations, and new promising careers with unlimited growth potential.

Rising from a global recession, unpredictable climate change and unemployment, recycling didn’t save us in the 21st century; vampires did. (more…)